Review – How are Their Online Guitar Lessons?

Guitar lessons used to require travel, scheduling, and a lot of money that frankly many people just can’t  spare. Thankfully the digital age offers us new options when it comes learning an instrument. Why leave the house when you can learn from the screen of your smartphone, after all?

Today we will be providing a TrueFire review (TrueFire is a website that allows you to learn guitar online) to see how effective it is compared to other similar services.

How It Works:

In a sense, TrueFire is the Netflix of guitar instruction. It is essentially an online catalog of information on learning the guitar that you gain access to by paying a monthly subscription fee. After subscribing you can use the site as much or as little as you want, learning anything from basics to complex guitar techniques.

Instruction is provided via a library of over thirty thousand lessons produced by some of the best guitar instructors in the world that are provided in the form of video and audio files.

There are some upcharges also, like their classrooms and workshops pages which offer more one on one instruction, but these aspects of the site are optional. There is still a lot to learn from the standard package which you can access for about $200 a year.

Pros and Cons:

Let’s now examine some of the pros and cons of taking a TrueFire guitar course to determine if it is right for you.


  • Extensive Options: If you are a believer in the gathering of knowledge then there is quite literally no better place for you to go than TrueFire, which features one of the largest online guitar lesson libraries in existence.

With traditional lessons, you are limited by the knowledge of your instructor but with TrueFire there really are no limitations. Chances are there is a course or video out there that explains whatever it is you want to learn.

Like Netflix, TrueFire will also start to recommend videos and lessons for you as it gets a sense of what you are trying to learn.

  • Affordable: Affordable is obviously a relative term. TrueFire isn’t cheap and for many people, it might be hard to swing financially, but at $19 a month it is more affordable than a single thirty-minute traditional guitar lesson, and you are definitely getting a lot for your money.
  • It’s Earned a Reputation: Truefire guitar lessons have earned a reputation for being a reliable way to learn the guitar, so much so that millions of people are using it.


  • Too Many Options?: Don’t get me wrong, TrueFire’s instructional library is one of its best features but if you are just starting out with the guitar and you literally don’t know a thing about the instrument it can be difficult to figure out where to begin.

While the courses and videos are separated by skill level it can still be difficult to determine where to start if you have never played guitar before.


TrueFire is without question an effective website. If you are a good independent learner that can stay focused without the individualized attention of traditional instruction, then you can use it to learn guitar and develop a passion that can last a lifetime.

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