Top Common Mistakes When Learning Singing

When people first start taking their singing seriously they need to make sure they have a good foundation of singing techniques. However they might unknowingly learn singing mistakes if they don’t have a teacher or use bad resources. This article will show you how to avoid singing mistakes that people commonly make.

The first mistake that people make is that they start singing without warming up. Singing involves many muscles, in your abdomen, chest, throat, face and mouth and you need to warm them up in order to get the best sound and to avoid hurting or damaging your body. Your voice will sound terrible if your vocal chords aren’t warmed up properly so make sure you know how to warm up with the proper exercises. Related to this is the mistake that people drink cold drinks or dairy products before they start singing and that can also effect your voice in a negative way.

As mentioned earlier, what you drink effects your vocal chords and this is especially the case with alcohol and cigarettes. Of course throat cancer will definitely put an end to your singing career. But the more immediate effect is that these substances dry out your vocal chords which means damage will occur sooner and your voice will sound bad in the process.

Many people breathe incorrectly, whether they are singing or not so make sure that you know how to breathe correctly before you start singing otherwise you will just strain your voice. A lot of people breathe by raising their shoulders up and down but you need to move your abdomen and stomach in and out so that your diaphragm is expanding. This will allow you to inhale more air, push it out more powerfully and reduce stress in your neck and throat when singing louder and higher.

The next singing mistake that you need to avoid is that of pushing yourself too hard too soon. If you have not yet mastered the correct techniques in order to sing high or low notes then you need to be careful that you don’t push yourself too hard. Wait until you have reached a sufficient skill level before you really go for those high registers.

Another mistake many people make is that they don’t project any emotions when the sing. They might be hitting all the right notes but their singing does not move people because it is emotionally constrained. You can avoid this singing mistake by thinking about the emotions intended by the song you are singing and being conscious of what kinds of facial expressions and body language go with those emotions. In a way you have to act out the feelings physically. You’ll be surprised what kind of effect this has on how your singing sounds and how it effects listeners.

The final singing mistake that you can learn to avoid has to do with your attitude. You should always approach singing with an attitude that there is something to learn and that you can get better. This way you’ll always be improving yourself and never falling into a rut or failing to make yourself better.

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