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Suitable For: * Beginner, Intermediate.
What You Get: *28 audio lessons *Help learn software *Bonuses
Money Back Guarantee: 60 days.

Material included

When you buy Singorama you get 28 audio lessons, bonus audio that covers interval training for singers, range extension exercises, vocal strengthening and vocal warm-ups, and two pieces of software that are both the ‘Mini Recording Studio’ and ‘Perfect Your Pitch Pro’

Ease of Use

From the moment that you start Singorama it is evident that this program was made for those who want to learn how to sing better, not necessarily those who are experts at using a computer. While most of the product itself is audio-based, there are also some e-books and text to read. The menu itself is not only very self explanatory, but if the user does get lost for a moment it is always simple to either go back to the main menu or find the help files. The Singorama audio course is organized by lesson, which makes it both easy and pleasing to use because it never makes the user feel overwhelmed.


Singorama comes with a total of 28 lessons, these include 27 different lessons and one refresher/reminder course at the very end that sums up everything you have learned until that moment. Aside from the 28 courses, Singorama also heavily features ‘making a song your own’ which focuses on using your own talents to enhance any song you are singing.

Aside from the audio instructions, Singorama also comes with software that is going to help a student better their singing. These are Perfect Your Pitch (help with identifying notes), Singorama Mini Recording Studio (recording software with a virtual piano to keep you in tune), Jayde Musica Pro (which teaches you how to read notes) and the Singorama Metronome. Singorama comes with two eBooks, one for beginners, and one for advanced students; both provide basic information on the subjects of music and singing.


With the addition of the Singorama Mini Recording Studio and Jayde Musica Pro you are certainly going to have a better ear for what you sound like and where you could use improvement. Singorama promises to make you sing better, it does not necessarily promise to make you next Opera star. With clear instructions and excellent feedback it should come as no surprise that small flaws that existed in either tone or pitch are going to be rectified in due time. There is a six-week money-back guarantee that the manufacturer felt confident enough to add to the product.


One of the more frustrating aspects of Singorama is that the websites promises users that they can start to learn to singer better in mere minutes, but the actual download off the website is quite intense (ranging over 1GB in size). For those that have not made the switch to faster internet or those that have limited data use this can be a significant problem.

The Bottom Line

Especially compared to some of the competition on the market, Singorama provides a comprehensive learning experience that will help both those have experience as well as people who want to learn the basics. With many different features and two pieces of software to help out, Singorama provides not only excellent value for money, but provides an excellent alternative to private singing lessons. Whether a beginner or someone with more experience, Singorama is going to help them better their singing.

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