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Suitable For: * Beginner, Intermediate.

What You Get:* Detailed workbook* 1 Studio Training DVD* 12 audio CDs (304 files for 17 lessons)

Renowned across the industry, The Full Singing Success Program has been touted by Hayley Williams of Paramore, Taylor Swift, and several industry professionals. Across the web, scores of newly trained vocalists post up rave reviews, and the course is widely regarded as the best around. But what does it really have to offer the budding singer?

The Pros:

The Program comes on 12 CDs, a workbook and a DVD; 17 lessons in total from legendary singing coach Brett Manning. Impressively, the course claims to be able to add an entire octave onto your vocal range. Whether or not there is a degree of embellishment here is worth keeping in mind, but the program is certainly very effective, and over time, an octave increase in range is feasible.

It is built upon a series of exercises and techniques favoured by professionals, and based on the Speech Level Singing method (commonly called SLS). The idea basically that by changing how you sing, you thereby reduce the pressure on your throat and consequently minimize vocal wear and tear. Michael Jackson was reportedly an SLS singer, so it’s safe to say it can do wonders.

Brett Manning ’s method takes SLS as a foundation and turns it into something much better. Through clear instruction regarding technique and good vocal exercises, the course is of fantastic benefit to beginners as soon as they begin using it. With this singing program you truly can take your voice to a professional standard.

The method also boasts being suitable for any genre, largely because the techniques taught can be applied to any type of music. So regardless of your specific interests, there will be something you can gain from the program. The content is detailed, professional, and above all, entertaining.

Besides the full Singing Success Program, they also offer many other vocal training products, including Brett Manning’s Mastering Mix, Singing Success TV, Top 7 Vocal Exercises, MasterWirter 2.0, The Pro Singer’s Warm Up, Perfect Pitch Ear Training Series, and much more!

The Cons:

There are some criticisms of the SLS method, and the area is hotly debated online. There are, of course, many success stories, but there are also some people who claim that the method did very little for them, and the same goes for The Full Singing Success Program. There could be many reasons for this (perhaps misinterpreting exercises), but the point is, with no instructor present, there is no way of knowing.

As well as this, the Singing Success program is quite expensive ($199.95), so it may make a noticeable hole in your pocket. Along with this, a few users online have reported major shipping delays when they purchased the product.

The Conclusion:

Despite a few negative comments and accusations floating around online, this course has many successful vocalists who swear by it. While cynics may call into the accuracy of these testimonies, the real truth is that Singing Success is a massive help to the majority of those who use it, and has consistently set the benchmark when it comes to self-teach singing programmes. The reason it gets rave reviews is because the course is entertaining, comprehensive, and a great help to any budding vocalist willing to give it a go.

Order Information:
* SingingSuccess comes with a 100% 6 month Money Back Guarantee.
* Singing Success Course is available from their official site, which is the only place where you can buy the course.

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15 thoughts on “Singing Success Review – Pros & Cons, User Reviews

  1. Hello I am Noora and I am 10 years old and I would like to learn how to sing.This is why I want to sing its because every one asked me to sing the other day and I said no so they were sort of sad. And then on the bus I was talking and then my friend said I sang like an old lady and I didn’t even sing so they are starting to wonder. Please help me. This could be my big chance to imperese my friends and if they asked how I sang so good I’ll tell them the site about where I learned how to sing which would be this site.Have a singtastical day..

  2. There has been a number of vocal coaches that have developed online/CD/skype programs in the past few years. Each one is competing for the market available through the internet. Honestly, I was very skiptical that I could learn via computor without the aid of a live coach. I was very wrong! In some ways it’s better because all the basic drills and exercises are there at home to instantly excess at the fraction of the cost. The stradegy is to work the basics with the cheaper computor based training then go for 1:1 live training to perfect the voice. Why pay the big bucks for the basics when you can learn them via online programs then spend the $$ to dial in the vocal skills. I have been training via the “The Singing Zone” put together by Par Bristow, a very simular online program like Brett Mannings (They are competitors:) Par is an excellent teacher and I give him credit for showing me what these programs can do but, he’s more expensive than Brett. I have not purchased SIngingSuccess but have been useing the “weekly tips” and will be moving over to Bretts program soon.

  3. Its such a great program. Dramatic changes in so little time, its superb. Brett has to be the best coach out there that I have ever had the privealige of actually learning from.Really amazing results with my voice. The pitching, control, dynamics and tonal qualities have improved ten fold.I really cant say enough, hats off to the best singing coach and course ever!!

  4. Beware – the refund policy is a scam. A few months after receiving this product, I found out that I had nodules and was placed on vocal rest by my doctor. Since I was within the 6 month time period, I decided to return the product.I have been calling and emailing both the returns department and the customer service department for three months now. Each time, I get assured that the ‘refund is on its way’ but nothing has arrived.I bought this product in good faith and feel duped. My next steps are to warn other potential buyers and to report this company to the Chamber of Commerce.

  5. I’ve been using master your mix like at least 4 times a week for over a year and man my voice has gotten soo much better!!! For the first months the exercises seemed like they wouldn’t work but I kept doing them and each month I recorded my voice and I noticed my voice getting sold and less airy and I could hold notes!! And it teaches you how singing works and understanding that helps a lot!! I think another year and I should be where I always dreamed to be with my voice.. get mastering your mix its worth it.. the more time you put in the more it will work for you.

  6. I have to say, this program is fantastic. Mastering Mix is the most outstanding vocal product I’ve ever seen. They are also coming out with a new one… 🙂 but I can’t tell you bout it yet.

  7. YEAH, it’s really amazing! It, Brett Manning, changed my VOICE and my LIFE FOREVER!!!

  8. This course is phenomenal! Best investment I’ve made in my sining career! It works IF you work it. Next step, online lessons with Brett’s staff.

  9. I know Singing Success does work, & that’s just watching his online video’s. You just have to apply your self & practice til you get it. Some people, (my mother-n-law), claim she can’t do the techniques. That’s because she just refusing to try & rather do what she’d been doing. I tried to te ll her that these tech. help with songs you could not sing b-4, like: lower notes. You just have to practice at it. That’s what I do. There are a couple of these tech. I couldn’t do at 1st but, I kept on tring til I got it. It’s like this: how bad do you want to do this. I wish I could afford to buy the “Singin Success” package, but unfortunately I can’t. All I was able to buy was the DVD of examples, & just that alone improved my voice in that short hour. That’s why I know it WORKS. So, you just keep at it & practice, practice, til you get it. God Bless you.

  10. BY FAR, singing success is the best vocal training program available. If you don’t have thousands of dollars to pay for personal vocal lessons, Singing Success is truly amazing. I thought the name of the program was pretty cheesy but the customer reviews and testimonials spoke for themselves. Also, if you research any other programs, their names are MUCH worse. Anyway, the promises were true. I gained MORE than a full octave, my voice never hurts when I sing anymore and I can sing for hours on end. Perfect for when I have 2 hour or more live shows. The high notes that I can hit now are way above the notes I could hit prior to using Singing Success and I have been dedicated to singing and I have been performing live for over 10 years now. By all means, get this program if you are considering an affordable vocal training method that actually works for beginners, intermediate and advanced singers.

  11. The best. He picked up the torch from Seth Riggs and took it to another level.

  12. I think for a newbee the singing success course is a great way to start. It is a course packed with logic and reason with practice exercises that help introduce the voice to various vocal techniquics. I will say there are some aspects to the course that I have to build up to over a period of time – but that’s understable. One time I wanted to doing a Screeching Owl roll with my tongue and it took a few days to get it down but I kept at it until I could do it. If I had professional training or new how a voice can be shaped to carry a tone, then I could have a better review for you. In my world nothing comes to me over night and everything I do usually requires dedication, practice and consistency.

  13. The singing success course really does make singing so much easier and has allowed me to do so much more than I ever thought possible. You see changes instantly but as with anything worth doing it can take a while to become really good. You just have to stick at it and you’ll see the benefit. It’s a good idea to look back at where you were when you started and compare.

  14. I just couldn’t figure out how to do a lot of the techniques. I thought this would be a cheaper way to learn in the end vs the cost of one on one classes with a vocal coach. Maybe it’s just me, but I found it really frustrating to not be able to do the techniques and not have them explained in a way that I understood. Maybe I just have a different way of learning and I need hands on. I think if someone already had vocal lessons and so they knew how the techniques worked already- they’d really benefit from Brett’s lessons. I didn’t use the help/support so I gave it a 5 because I had nothing to go on. Hope this helps. It is all very well put together. Definitely NOT a scam. It’s legit, it just wasnt right for me.

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