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Are you looking for the best piano course online? Wanna self learn piano at comfortable home? Good news is that there are many affordable and comprehensive piano lessons available online, so you don't need to hire an expensive personal piano teacher.  Even if you're a total piano Beginner there are DVD piano courses or online piano lesson sites that can teach you step by step everything what you need to know from the beginning to the most advanced skills.

We've compared and reviewed the best home study piano courses online, so you don't have to be overwhelmed by choose the best piano course for you from tons of piano courses online. If you're serious with learning piano, you don't want to miss my comparison of the top 2 piano courses online.

Rank #1 #2
Piano Courses Piano for All
Rocket Piano
Product Screenshots Piano for All Rocket Piano
Best Price

$39.95/complete set



Guarantee 60 days 60 days
Piano Skill Level

Beginner yes yes
Intermediate yes yes

Course Included Piano for All
Rocket Piano
DVDs, Books, CDs


Download yes yes
Useful Bonus
Support Forum


Video Lessons yes yes
Pratice Tools
Sample Lessons

Instructor 1 (Robin Hall)
Style Covered

Pop, Blues, Jazz,

Ragtime, Ballads...

Jazz Piano, Gospel,

Classical and Blues Piano...

System Requirements

Windows or Mac yes yes
Internet yes yes
DVD Player


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How To Self Learn Piano At Home

There are three major ways to self learn how to play piano at home. You can learn on your own using books and tapes. You can learn online using a combination of video and the written word, and learn to play piano that way.

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