Is it Marvelous? A Piano Marvel Review

These days, there are a lot of online programs out there that are designed to help beginners learn the piano. They promise the ability to learn quickly from home at a price that is very competitive with traditional lessons.

If you are busy and looking to save a few dollars (and who isn’t busy and looking to save a few dollars?) the idea of learning an instrument online can be very appealing. Indeed, in many cases, it is a great way to add a little bit of music to your life, but beware that not all programs are created equally.

Today we will be taking a look at a program called Piano Marvel. The Piano Marvel app enjoys significant popularity, but as I am sure that you mother told you, that’s no reason to try something out. Let’s take a closer look to see if it is right for you.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your Piano Marvel review!

How it Works:

Piano Marvel is a computer application that hooks your laptop up to your MIDI enabled keyboard to provide you with piano lessons.

Once you hook up your piano to your keyboard you are then able to enjoy a wide range of lessons suited for any skill level.

Your computer will communicate with your keyboard via a chord to give you real time feedback, and correct you when you make mistakes.

Progress is measured in “trophies,” a digital accolades system that is reflective of video game reward systems.

The lessons are designed to incentivize students to practice and focus on the same principles learned through traditional instruction. The student will learn to read sheet music, develop rhythm and learn important scales and chords.

Like many only instrument programs, it offers a free version as well as a more in-depth subscription based curriculum.

The Pros & Cons

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons to help determine if Piano Marvel is right for you.


  • Quality Free Program: Piano Marvel’s free program is unusually extensive. It provides users with a wide variety of songs and lessons to choose from, so if you are on the fence about the program, it is at least worthwhile to try its free version.
  • Extensive Library: If you spring for the premium membership you are going to get access to tons of lessons and songs that will make learning the piano both effective and enjoyable.
  • Realtime Feedback: Realtime feedback is a pretty huge plus when it comes to online musical instruction programs because that is one of the things that is often lost in absence of a teacher. The app registers when you make mistakes and works with you to improve upon them so you get accurate feedback on what you are doing right, and what could use some work.


  • Startup Cost: The biggest con when it comes to Piano Marvel is its limited compatibility. While most learning software is compatible with any keyboard, you need some very specific equipment to use this app. If you don’t already have it handy you probably won’t find it worthwhile to go out and buy it just to try out an app.


If you already have the equipment you need to use Piano Marvel, it is a great opportunity to learn some of your favorite songs at a pace that suits your lifestyle. Even if you don’t want to spring for a subscription, the free trial is at least worth giving a try.

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