Learn to Play Piano As an Adult

The first step to learning adult piano is to decide that you want to do it, then to make a firm commitment to the practice required in order to be successful.

For the adult piano beginner you are likely to face some challenges that other budding pianists who are still at school will not. These include:

(1) The slower pace at which adults tend to learn. You will need therefore to practice piano more;

(2) Adjusting to being taught again. This can be quite difficult, because as adults we are not generally watched closely as we perform a task and then critiqued on it. With your piano lessons you will be, which can result in feelings of nervousness or in some cases anger – who are they to judge; and

(3) Many piano pieces are aimed at young children and there is little that is motivating about playing nursery rhymes.

There are however advantages, firstly you are choosing to learn adult piano because you want to learn this fantastically rewarding instrument and second you are more likely to succeed because you want to play adult piano. For some children it is not a choice, which can make the journey for them more difficult. Finally because you are older you are blessed with an insight into life and yourself, enabling you to identify any of the challenges listed above within yourself early and create strategies to ensure they do not prevent your progress, such as:

(1) Create a routine that enables you at least 30 minutes of piano practice a day.

(2) Talk to your family, with their support you will find learning piano easier.

(3) Prior to starting with a piano teacher ask if they teach other adults. Teachers focusing on children sometimes find it hard to relate to adult students.

(4) Request a trial period with your piano lessons teacher, to ensure you feel comfortable.

(5) Ask your piano lessons teacher to recommend a few different Adult Piano Learning books then review each of them, selecting the one that has the most pieces you like.

Remember it will take time to learn how to play piano, but by creating a schedule and removing those items that are likely to distract you, you will give yourself the best chance of success. Good luck!

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