How to Use Online Guitar Lessons

There are multiple online guitar lesson sites at which you can learn to play the acoustic guitar, electric guitar or other guitar styles. Some sites offer you a few free lessons before you have to pay for more advanced lessons.

One such site is called The first and second fundamental lessons are free and you have the opportunity to pay more in order to learn more. Online guitar lessons are geared toward people who have never played guitar before and the site teaches you the basic notes, how to care for your guitar and how to tune a guitar. They use an auditory method of tuning your guitar with you and teaching you how to tune it yourself.

In the first fundamental courses, you learn the major chords of the guitar with no expectation that you’ve played the guitar before. The curriculum is designed to show you the necessary skills needed for the individual to learn how to play the guitar. The sites often teach you notes and what they look like, how to hold the guitar, how to pick the guitar properly, the parts of the guitar, and the mechanics of the guitar in order to fret notes. This is done all on video so you can clearly see how the notes were done and how the pick is used effectively. The video aspect of the learning is especially important so you can see how the chord is played and what the guitar really can do.

In the second fundamental courses, you will use an online metronome in order to play songs carefully and with ease. They will teach you how to play some simple songs on the guitar and how to do the chords for them. You will learn some music theory as well as how to read music so that you can go on to learn several different styles of music. The best way to learn all this is through video although there are sites that don’t use video but use the written word and pictures to show you how to play the notes, chord and songs. Either way, you must learn scales, notes, chords and the like in order to be proficient at playing the guitar.

When you have mastered the fundamentals, you can take courses in certain style of guitar playing. You can learn to play rock and roll, blues or other genres of music. Many of these courses will cost you money. Such advanced lessons can run you in the range of $10 to $20 a month and you can take the lessons over again as much as you want until you have finally mastered the guitar.

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