How to Use DVD Guitar Lessons

There are many different ways to learn how to play guitar. You can learn on your own using books and tapes. You can have a guitar teacher help you learn how to play the guitar. You can learn online using a combination of video and the written word. You can also buy a DVD set and learn to play that way(It’s called guitar lesson on DVDs).

Learning to play guitar on DVDs is not a bad way to go about it. The upside is that you can actually see and hear a teacher teach you the notes, chords and riffs. You can see the fingering on the DVDs and you can listen to the DVDs over and over again, especially if you’re a slow learner or just want to brush up.

The downside of learning to play guitar using DVD guitar lessons is that it isn’t easy to pace yourself according to your own level of learning. It is also difficult to rewind the DVD to the exact spot that you wanted to listen to again so that you end up hearing and seeing things that you didn’t need to see in order to get to the two seconds you missed at one point.

Even so, learning to play guitar through the use of a DVD guitar course is a good idea. It can be important to actually hear and see a performer play a song or some scales and to watch their fingering as you practice along. You really can see a DVD all over again if you feel you were stuck and didn’t get what the last DVD was trying to teach you. The DVD performer becomes your teacher and can teach you at your own pace.

Here’s how you use a DVD guitar lesson in order to learn how to play the guitar. Depending on the package you purchased, there may be more than one DVD guitar lesson. Play using lesson one first, even if you already know a little bit about playing the guitar already. Relearn bad habits you may have picked up on in the past. Learn simple chords and how to take care of your guitar. Learn how to tune the guitar correctly.

A good DVD guitar lesson will have you practicing right away with a metronome. A metronome will keep you on task and learning at the pace you are supposed to. The DVD guitar course instructor will also address the performance aspects of the guitar and will help you learn to play songs as well as learning scales and chords. There should be a perfect balance between technique and performance so that you can have fun learning how to play the guitar with DVD guitar lessons.

One such DVD guitar course is called Learn & Master Guitar.

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