How To Choose Drum Teacher

Choosing a drum teacher is one of the most important aspect of your journey in learning to play the drums. The right drum teacher for you will make the learning experience fun and rewarding, making it fun to attend lessons and to push yourself to become a better player. The wrong teacher will make you dread every lesson and will fail to inspire you to become a better player. This article will guide you in how to choose the right drum teacher.

One of the problems with music teaching in general is that there is no clear regulation as to whom can become a teacher. This means that anyone that has a room and a drum-kit can call themselves a drum teacher in order to make some quick money. If you follow the advice in this article you should be able to choose the right drum teacher.

The first thing you should do is find out if any of your friends or acquaintances have taken any lessons and if they can recommend anyone. Ask them to be honest about whether they enjoy the lessons and if they feel they are making good progress. Personal recommendations are always the best.

The next option is to pop down to your local music store and ask the people that work there if they know any good drum teachers. These shops also usually have a notice board where music teachers advertise themselves. Once you’ve gathered the contact details of a few teachers it’s time to get in touch with them. Try to give them a call and listen to how they sound, do they sound upbeat and positive or jaded and irritated. It’s speaks for itself that you want someone that is easy going and in a good mood.

Ask them what kind of drumming styles they teach and consider if that matches your ambition, be it jazz, rock or metal. It’s really important to find someone that knows how you want to play because drumming styles are distinct and you’ll learn more easily if you are learning exactly what to learn. If it’s possible try to find a teacher that can read music and that will teach you to do the same. It will make your learning easier in the long run and will help you play with other musicians.

Next you should ask the drum teacher about their teaching methodology. Will they give you homework, what is the teaching space like, will the teacher use various media and resources to help you learn? These are all things to take into consideration so that you get the best possible learning environment.

By now you should be left with a couple of guitar teachers that seem suitable. Ask if you can have one lesson, but be sure to say that it’s just a trial and that you are not committing to one teacher just yet, but that you want to see what their teaching style is like. In this way you get to sample the differences and see which one fits your learning style and personality best. These are some basic considerations to make and will show you how to choose a drum teacher that will help you on your musical journey.

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