Effective Singing Learning Tips

If you want to learn to sing then you’ll have to master some of the basics. When you learn singing tips like the ones in this article you’ll build up a great foundation that will help you whether you seek out a teacher or other resources in the future.

The first tip for learning to sing is to make sure your posture is correct. You will struggle to hit the right notes and make your practice routine miserable by not having the right posture. The get the right posture for learning to sing you need to stand up, you can’t sing correctly by sitting down.

Once you are standing make sure your feet are shoulder width apart then straighten your back, imagine a rod running up your spine and then a rope pulling you up by the crown of the head. Be careful not to lock your knees and keep your shoulders relaxed. You can do this by raising your shoulders up to your ears then slowly dropping them.

Once you are standing correctly you should start warming up your lips and tongue. The first noise you should make is something like a car or machine that makes as ‘bpppppp’ noise but with your lips by relaxing them and blowing air through them. To warm up your tongue you should make a ‘brrrrr’ sound like when you are feeling cold. You do this with a trembling or quickly vibrating tongue movement.

The next singing learning tip you need to know is how to breathe correctly. When you breathe in your stomach and abdomen should move outwards. A lot of people raise their shoulders when they breathe in but this does not open up their lung volume enough. You can also allow your abdomen to expand out to the side and even back. See if you can practice doing that occasionally.

The next part of breathing correctly is supporting your breath. This means that you can tighten up all the muscles in your abdomen but keep the throat relaxed. The throat must stay relaxed at all time. This will take practice and guidance because you it can be confusing to tighten some muscles while relaxing others. A good way to relax your throat is by making a big yawning noise that starts with a high tone and goes to a very low tone.

When you start to sing you need to keep your larynx relaxed and low because many people find that they move their larynx up when they sing. This is related to breathing high in your chest rather than with your abdomen. You can practice with the correct form by first speaking the words that you want to sing, then say them slowly in the correct pitch, then practice singing them with volume. Another thing to remember is that you need to make sure that you tongue is relaxed while singing. Many people unconsciously tense their tongue which interferes with their singing.

If you following these singing learning tips you will have given yourself a great foundation to singing better and with more confidence.

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