Does DVD Drums Course Work?

As technology has developed more and more people are able to receive the teaching they want through media such as CDs, websites and DVDs.

The question is, can these kinds of drums lessons on DVD teach you adequately and can a DVD drumming lesson make you a better drummer. This article will help you decide whether this is the case. It used to be that in order to learn to play the drums or any other instrument that you had to hire an expensive teacher.

Hopefully there was one that lived close to your area and hopefully they were a good teacher as well as a good player (being a good player won’t make you a good teacher). Besides that you also had to hope that you and the teacher were compatible in terms of personality in order to have a fun learning experience. So you can see how getting drums lessons on DVD already eliminates a lot of the difficulties associated with learning the drums.

The next important aspect is that it saves you a lot of money in repeat lessons. Imagine there is a particular drum technique, or drum fill that you want to learn but you can’t quite get the hang of it. With a drum course DVD you can watch the same section over and over as many times as you like until you’ve mastered that particular section before moving on. If you had a teacher you would be paying for several lessons to be taught the same thing over and over.

Another thing that is handy about learning drums on a DVD is that you can watch it whenever you like. If you find that you learn best early in the morning then you can get practicing as soon as you wake up. It would be hard to find a drum teacher that will hold a lesson early in the morning. This way you can tailor your learning around your unique learning abilities.

The great advantage of drumming lessons on DVD is that you have such a wide variety to choose from. Everything from DVDs by or about your favorite drummer to DVD drum lessons about a particular style of drumming like jazz, rock, blues or funk. This way you can sample lost of different styles, something that a teacher who is only competent at one or two styles won’t be able to provide you.

Although there are many free resources on the internet that help you learn drums most of them are of questionable quality. Those resources could be teaching you the wrong habits or the wrong drumming patterns.

Overall you should now have the sense that it’s definitely a good idea to get some drumming lessons on DVD, it will provide you with a way to learn when you want and how you want at a much more affordable price than taking 20 or 30 lessons which can end up costing many hundreds of dollars.

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