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The biggest factor that should be taken into consideration is of course that singing course on CDs saves you a lot of money in receiving lessons every week. You can practice a singing technique over and over until you have mastered it before you decide to move on.

Whereas with a teacher you could be paying a lot of money just to have the same lesson over and over. If you own a CD singing lesson or singing learning software you can practice whatever you want whenever you want.

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We’ve researched tens of singing courses on the market, and found three of them are the best. If you’re serious with learning singing, you may not wanna miss them.

#1 Superior Singing Method
Suitable For: * Beginner.
Best Price: $97.
What You Get:* 8 modules packed with cutting-edge vocal training content.Over 50 step-by-step videos guiding you every step of the way.31 dynamic vocal exercise audios.
Money Back Guarantee: 60 days.
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Superior Singing Method is good program for beginners. If you like the structure it offers, and are willing to commit to some hard work over the next eight weeks, it might be worth it. If you can’t put the work in, you will probably be better off with a YouTube regiment.

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#2 Brett Manning’s Singing Success 360
Singing Success Suitable For: * Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
Best Price: $199.95.
What You Get:* Detailed workbook* 1 Studio Training DVD* 12 audio CDs (304 files for 17 lessons)
Money Back Guarantee: 6 months.
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Singing Success is built upon a series of exercises and techniques favored by professionals, and based on the Speech Level Singing method (commonly called SLS). The idea basically that by changing how you sing, you thereby reduce the pressure on your throat and consequently minimize vocal wear and tear. Michael Jackson was reportedly an SLS singer, so it’s safe to say it can do wonders.

Brett Manning’s method takes SLS as a foundation and turns it into something much better. Through clear instruction regarding technique and good vocal exercises, Singing Success is of fantastic benefit to beginners as soon as they begin using it. With Singing Success you truly can take your voice to a professional standard.

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#3 Emily Mander’s Singorama 2.0
Singorama Suitable For: * Beginner.
Best Price: $99.95
What You Get: *28 audio lessons *Help learn software *Bonuses
Money Back Guarantee: 60 days.
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From the moment that you start Singorama it is evident that this program was made for those who want to learn how to sing better, not necessarily those who are experts at using a computer. While most of the product itself is audio-based, there are also some e-books and text to read. The menu itself is not only very self explanatory, but if the user does get lost for a moment it is always simple to either go back to the main menu or find the help files. The Singorama audio course is organized by lesson, which makes it both easy and pleasing to use because it never makes the user feel overwhelmed.

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