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If you have a piano teacher he will likely suggest a piano book that you should buy. Often you will work together through the piano book, learning each of the pieces and then moving on to more difficult things, extending your theory knowledge along the way. However if you do not have a piano teacher and are going to self teach yourself piano, it can be daunting to find the right piano book.

It is essential to have a guide to learn from and will make learning the piano a lot easier than trying to tackle various pieces that you find on the Internet or at the library.

If you were about to learn how to climb a mountain, you wouldn’t start with Everest; you would start with smaller less daunting mountains first as you built up your strength, ability and confidence. Playing the piano is very similar, except that you have no need to fear death if you make a mistake only a headache.

First ask the sales assistant to direct you to what they consider are the best ‘adult’ beginner piano books. Ensure that you specify that you are looking for an adult book, because there is no quicker way to sap your enthusiasm and passion than to choose music that you are not going to enjoy playing.

There are plenty of good books around for both taught learners and self-taught learners. If you are going to self teach yourself, let the assistant know this too, as they may be able to direct you to a better book. My personal favorite is Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course. You can purchase this book as an all-in-one, which combines theory, technique and lesson all in one. It also contains a CD, which has each and every piece on it, allowing you to hear what the piece will sound like when performed correctly. This can be extremely helpful, as it will enable you to identify the goal that you are striving for.

Other books include:

* Play Piano Now! (An Easy Beginning Method for Busy Adults)

* Faber’s Adult Piano Adventures

* Hal Leonard’s Easy Adult Piano Beginner’s Course

* Bastien’s Beginning Piano for Adults

Invest the time to look at each of these and any others that are recommended to you. Consider the pieces of music that you will learn and explore the way that you feel about each piece. It is impossible to like all pieces, but you want to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Investigate also the level of theory in each book, is it clear? Do you understand what it is telling you? If you do not have a teacher to confirm and clarify your questions, this is very important, as you will be relying on the piano book to explain and show you everything that you need to know about learning piano.

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